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Ariella Murahwa is an online consultancy with experts that specialize in digital, financial and business development services. Let us help your organization today...

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R3400 Website

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Start your 2021 with your best foot forward by going online with Ariella Murahwa. For only R 3400 all inclusive, Ariella Murahwa will give you a world class website, host and support you for a full year.

Get Your Own Website +

1 Year of Support
For the 1st year that you are with us we will fix anything that is not working and update any content or images on the original site at no extra cost. We will not make changes like adding pages or functionality but we will make sure the content on your site is up to date and current. Any structural changes will be billed separately.
Domain and Hosting Included
All of your web hosting and domain fees will be covered for as long as you renew your promotion membership. This includes visitor stats and hits counting. All of this is included in your costs.
10 Business Emails
You will also get up to 10 free business emails that you can use to professionalize your brand with unlimited storage for the duration of your stay.
After 1 year
After your first year you are welcome to renew so that you remain online. We will make no changes to your site and you will be online every year that you renew. You are able to renew 90 days before your term ends. Should you want to move we will move your site to your new host for free.


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Join thousands of South Africans who have already played and won airtime on Facebook.

The D.I.Y. Business Growth Club

Join a club where the focus is growing your business. Our experts give you the tools you need to do business in a digital world with none of the confusing geek and all of the benefits. We help you start where you are and hold your hand on the journey of entrepreneurship.

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You Get...

1 Domain

10 Emails @yourbusiness.domain

1 Professional Social Media Page
(Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram)

1 WhatsApp Business Account

1 Telegram Business Account

Business Development Consultation

R1200 Per Year

Grow Your Business

  • Sell on Facebook
  • Sell on WhatsApp
  • Sell on Telegram
  • Sell on Instagram

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Our Partners

We partner up and colloborate with innovative companies from all over the world.

What clients say.

"Ariella Murahwa started us on our digital journey and can safely say they played an integral part of the Promechanics journey.“